the weak one : no one will care about her

just left her! the loner~~

no one will really care, no one will hear what she think, the backstabber..

a liar

and someday, u decide to know more about her

just say hello and smile

she’s too surprise because it’s been long time since someone talk to her

because no one really care, because no one really care, because no one seems want to hear

day by day, she still kept the gape between u

stay away and ignored u

and when that time comes, she smile to u

feel thankful for the kindness and the chance

try to know more, why she kept away from people

it’s bitter to know the truth

the reason

just too afraid that someone will be hurt because of her, just too worry someone will be sad about what she said

but no one really care about what that little girl feel

the loner, they called

no one want to know more about her,

that girl just too little to know about their judgement to her

just follow the flow, act the role they create..

the loner


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